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Contrive Market Research


Contrive Market Research is an India originated market research and consulting organization. We send our clients the most insightful and comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis of market research required for Small, Medium Scale, and large enterprises. At Statistify Market Research, we possess expert professionals and a hardworking dedicated team of in-house experts’ including market analysts, industry portfolio holders, and managerial operatives who assist our clients to create a perfectly organized and oriented database based on their experienced expertise in the trading structure of the designated market.

We prioritize in wide and divergent areas of the market and our facilities include competitive analysis, research, and development, analysis of market reforms, and demand estimating tools that inculcate an environment of professionalism in our organization. We have been the recipient of numerous study based research awards and are renowned in the market for providing quick and efficient services to our clients.

Why CMR?

We at Contrive Market Research have a dedicated team of professionals from a diverse field of knowledge in Information Technology, Computer Information and Communication Systems, Sales and Marketing, Supply Chain and Logistics, and Business Development.

We are committed to conduct a thorough analysis and research on the given topics and projects and present to you a profitable view of which industry can thrive amidst the environment of insecurity and turmoil while which industries are bound to perish amidst the pressure of huge downsizing and employee loss. Through our strong network of professionals who remain connected to us 24*7 through social media channels like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, we aim to remain ahead of the curve at all times. We strive to provide excellence in market research support through our initiatives which include hoarding, advertisement campaigns, and blogging on the Internet affiliated websites.