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Semi Conductor & Electronics Reports

Semiconductors are the basic elements like optical fibers, wires, and telephone lines which are incorporated into the electronic equipment to run the device and ensure longevity by making the surface of the device sturdy and able to withstand intense pressure and other temperature conditions. The elements which are mostly used as semiconductors include steel, zinc, carbon, and other alloys as they are good conductors and transmitters of electricity.

Since they ensure a stable passage of electricity through the device surface created with the use of the above-mentioned components they have widespread use and application in the automobile, chemical, and communication industry. The telegraphic wires which are used to transmit radio waves from one place to another are made with the help of alloys like tin and steel as they not only ensure durability but also malleability in conducting electricity. The wires thus made are ductile and have a high proportion of tensile strength in them.